Self-Assessment Paper

Self-Assessment Paper Instructions
The purpose of the self-assessment paper is to demonstrate your ability to apply psychological concepts and theory to your own life. The paper must be at least four (4), but no more than five (5) pages (the 4-5 pages does not count the title page or reference page) in length and address one of the following topics:

1. Understanding My Past Life Experiences-

a. How has what happened in your life affected who you are today?

b. We are all shaped by our experiences. The purpose of this topic is not to tell your life story but to explain how the events in your life story influenced your life.

c. For example, if your parents were divorced when you were 10, how did that affect you?

i. How did that change the relationship you had with one or both parents?

ii. How did it change your attitude regarding intimate relations with others?

2. How I Can Apply Psychology to My Future Life-

a. How can the information you have learned in this class play a role in your future life.

b. Describe how this new knowledge could be applied to your role or future role as a parent.

c. How could this information be applied in your career or in your relationships with others?

3. How This Course Has Changed Me-

a. How has the information you learned in this class changed you?

b. How has your viewpoint on certain subjects changed?

c. How has the information made you reassess different aspects of your life?

d. How has it changed how you relate to others?

The paper should be completed using APA format. It should have a title page, be double spaced in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, and a separate reference page. An abstract is not required. Any sources you use in the development of this assignment should appear on your reference page and be cited in the body of the paper. Since you must apply psychological concepts to your life experiences and aspirations, the use of the textbook at a minimum is required.

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