Students’ Perception of the Usefulness and Effectiveness of Cloud Applications in Undergraduate Education in Saudi Arabia.

Write the following parts to complete the attached research:
– Findings.
– Discussion (Analysis).
– limitations (Also, how other methods can help the used method in this research)
– Future work. (eh What exactly are the worries of being traced?, what you could find out and what you couldn’t).
– Conclusion.
– Abstract.
– Table of content.
– Try to answer the hypothesizes included in the introduction.
– Include any important diagrams and tables from attached files (unused diagrams can be noted in the future work section like unnecessary demographics diagrams).
– Elaborate on the future work section and more research questions(can be extracted from the survey).
– Focus on the limitations, future work, conclusion (see attached marking criteria).
– Apply the attached marking criteria.
– State the results as you have. Then see if there are correlations between things, eg, computer anxiety and reasons that deter.
– Refer to the guidelines to write the report and the abstract (attached)
– Extract findings from the graphs(two files attached).
– Write about correlations between different graphs.
– Use the technology acceptance model (TAM).
– 10- font: Arial, size:12, Line spacing:1.5
– Anything is not clear please ask.
– Quality over quantity.
– Include existing references.
– Use academic articles, peer-reviewed, published in the last 5 years, SPA reference style, academic language.
– if more in-depth data is needed please inform me.

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