The impact of a “growth-mind set” in organizational behavior

Course: Organizational behavior

1. Title, Abstract, and Key Words:
-The abstract should briefly describe the purpose of the study, the research design, and the findings.
– Keywords of the research paper.
2. Introduction
Key Issue/Problem Identification section
– An explanation of why the topic is of importance for the contemporary work place
– Research question and the structure of the research paper.
3. Review of Literature
This section pertains an in-depth literature review about the topic. With for example definitions of the study variables and a discussion of existing research findings related to the topic.
4. Methodology
Here students should describe the methods they have chosen to use in order to achieve their research objective, which is to find a pertinent answer to the research question. How did they select the papers? Which databases have they used? Have they decided to exclude certain papers and why? What is their final sample?
5. Discussion and Recommendations
Students will have to analyze the results of their study. Based on their study findings, students should explain which practices they recommend to companies in the UAE or in abroad. The recommendations should be supported with a clear argument of why the practices will improve organizational effectiveness (for companies in the UAE or outside UAE). Student’s analytical skills will clearly be of central importance to this section.
6. Conclusion
In this section, students briefly describe:
a) the purpose of their study
b) the research design
c) findings
d) recommendations

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