The Silken Touch

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1. The Silken Touch
The Silk Roads helped change and shape the ancient world during its time. These roads whether they be on land or on sea stretched as far east as china and as far west as Egypt and western Europe. Although it may be true that mostly luxury goods were exchanged on these trade routes, they still had a huge influence on all levels of people. Regardless of your social status, everyone who encountered people from foreign lands was presented with the opportunity to learn something new at a minimum. The Silk Roads weren’t just trade routes, they we’re also roads used as means to spread different religions, teachings, cultural views and different technology. The Silk Roads created lots of exciting and new opportunities to all peoples, including the ability to travel with say little risk in search of new lands. The Silk Roads encouraged trade and you can even say the intermingling of peoples of different nations. However, not everything the use of Silk Roads brought about was good. Through use of the Silk Roads, disease and famine was also spread on a disastrous level. Overall the Silk Roads are looked upon as a huge success for the ancient empires because they somewhat linked them all together. Obviously noting how that can be a very dangerous idea of the empires being linked together, ultimately their seen with a positive light because of the vast changes and diversity they brought to the ancient world.
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