Turkish MKS physiotherapists’ perceptions of therapeutic relationship.

Rationale: This part should start with introduce physiotherapists role and therapeutic relationship which is also called patient-centered care. Advantaged and benefits of therapeutic relationship like what is it and why is that necessary and advantages from patients and physios side.
Other countries beliefs about therapeutic relationship like the UK, US and Australia. What is the position of therapeutic relationship in those countries What are physios beliefs in those countries.
Therapeutic relationship in Turkey what are physios opinions and how important for them. do they implement therapeutic relationship in their practice (probably you will not enough article about Turkish physios or physiotherapy in Turkey but you can connect that to the literature gap as a justification of choosing this topic.
objectives are to learn their perspectives and to lead the second study that can evaluate the barriers and facilitates for therapeutic relationship).
Justifications are crucial and all justifications are needed to support by articles.
Proposed research question: the research question will be design with PRO approach (literature is needed).
Paradigm: why is this necessary ? why do the researchers need to use paradigm (literature). In this case the paradigm is considered interpretative / constructionist (needed to be justified with articles why i chose this method? ).
Research method: first general information about all research methods (focus group, interview and survey (comparison between interview and survey, advantages of interviews) and justify that why i will use interview method (advantages and disadvantages of it).
discussion about focus group interview and one to one in person interview (again justify that why i will choose one to one interview advantages and disadvantages of it) (all justifications are needed to be support with literature .
proposed methodology: I am glint send you an example of dissertation proposal. you can find this part in this proposal and it can make you clear of how it should be (proposed method: one to one interview discuss about what kind of problems might arise and solutions for it) (literature).
Professional, ethical and practical considerations: again you can use the example study that i will send to you. However you can also contact me when reach this part to discuss and have consensus ideas

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