Two-party political system

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  • Examples (models) of thoughtful and “substantive” posts written by former students. Although your responses to discussion board questions do not need to be this long to receive full credit, they should be specific and well-argued.
  • The rubric used to grade your discussion board assignments. Contact me if you have questions about the grading criteria listed in the rubric.
  • DCCCD Discussion Board Model Post 1.pdf
  • Discussion Board Model Post 2.pdf
  • Discussion Rubric.docx
  • Your original post must be in the form of a well-written concise essay that addresses all the parts of the prompt.
  • You must post your original post 48 hours prior to the deadline.
  • Remember, to receive full credit, you must also respond to at least one classmate’s post.
  • Review the Discussion Board Examples and Discussion Board Rubric for guidelines on answering questions and responding to classmates’ posts.
  • Remember: Always identify your sources. An in-text citation requires a parenthetical citation, for example: (Smith). Then, provide a formal citation at the end of your posting.
  • Do not copy from your peers’ postings
  • Do not attach your post in a file format
  • Do not forget to post your word count!
  • Discussion forum will be available for one week prior to the due date.

Please note: plagiarized materials will result in an automatic grade of zero!
Tutorial on properly citing sources:
The United States is traditionally viewed as a two-party political system and in the state of Texas, the Republican and Democratic parties are the only consistent winners. However, Texas is often viewed as a one-party state. Review at least three news articles (published in Texas media outlets) that discussed this issue and explain their authors’ arguments, explain the reasons for describing Texas as one party state and discuss the likelihood that the state will continue to be dominated by one of the two major parties.
Do not forget to reply to another student’s post and include your word count.

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