Using Restriction enzymes to identify plasma DNA, weight and restriction site of each enzyme on it.

The paper should analyze information about each of the enzymes mentioned. Calculate the weight of the plasma using the two gels resulted from the experiment. And have restriction mapping drawn showing possible restriction sites understood and referenced from the gel result.
You must include the following sections:
a) Highly detailed title and cover page.
b) Abstract: 250 word maximum.
c) Introduction: 1.5-3 pages (Or more depending on the complexity of the topic covered in lab)
d) Materials and Methods: A simple referral to the lab manual followed by any relevant changes made to the protocol. If there are no changes, then a reference to the lab manual should suffice.
e) Results: To include both tables and figures. Written section only describing the results and interpretation also required.
f) Discussion: No page limit. Approximately 2-5 pages.
g) References: No particular style required, as long as it is consistent between sources.

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