Video Project – Individual Status Report

1, Video Project – Individual Status Report
How is it going with your video project? I’d like to know your progress so that if you need help, you can get it before it’s crunch time.
1) What have you been been the most successful with? 2) What have you been the least successful with? 3) Do you have a topic, an outline, or an idea ready to go? 4) What are you currently struggling with? 5) Is there anything that would prevent you from completing the project on time?
Feel free to add whatever information you think is important.
2,When you started your education what were your expectations? How did you envision your classes, peers, instructors?
( The Chronicle of Higher Education has videos and opinions that express the changing views of what the college classroom should and shouldn’t be.
Read through the article, watch the videos from students and from instructors. Think about your experiences in this and other classes.
What is your opinion: Is it time for a change in college teaching? What role should you play? What would you like to see in your college classes?
Please be honest in your opinions, but remember to be constructive in your criticism.
Your post should be in your own words, but include references to the reading and the videos. Please be thoughtful in your response, and don’t be afraid to be honest.
3,A database is a collection of data. You may be asking, “Didn’t we just make a collection of data?”. The answer is yes, you did. You learned how to create a spreadsheet to do a budget which is also a collection of data. So what’s the difference?
Primarily, a spreadsheet is made of rows and columns, and individual cells of data. Those cells can refer to each other, such as calculating the total of numbers in multiple cells with a formula. You can create multiple sheets in a spreadsheet, but they can’t easily share information. If you have a budget on one sheet, and an inventory on another it takes some more knowledge and tools to make them share with each other.
A database stores information in tables, rather than sheets, and each table is named. For example, a table might be called Employee Data. Each row of data represented in the table is called a record instead of a cell. The biggest difference between a database and a spreadsheet is that a database can create relationships between the data in one table and another. So if you had a table called Employee Data, and one called Performance Metrics, a database could generate data based on the relationship between those cells.
One major difference between a spreadsheet and a database is that a spreadsheet is usually accessed by one person at a time while a database can be accessed by several or thousands of people. Think about searching an online library database for articles required for a final paper, or using Google to find a recipe or a release date for a DVD. All of those things are stored in databases.
One of the most widely used database programs is called SQL (Structured Query Language). A query is a search entered into a database that brings up the information you want. SQL is built to be searched.
Click here to begin once you’ve opened the Lab (
Make sure that your browser window is expanded to the full screen before you begin.

Pro-Tip : The ‘database tables’ list they refer to in Step 1 is on the far right of your screen.

When you finish EACH exercise (number), copy and paste your results into the Word document you created in Step 2.

1. You will be graded on accuracy in following the instructions, and readability of the information you’ll be pasting into your Word document.

2. I must be able to see the elements described in your document.

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