Write on the Drug Seeking Behavior.What alternatives could you suggest?

Read the instructions and follow grading rubric. Sources within 5 years. Cite two scholarly references

Write on the Drug Seeking Behavior. You will select one of the current ethical issues below and then research and prepare a one-page response. The written response must describe the ethical issue, cite two applicable biblical and Ethical principles, cite two scholarly references, be written in current APA format, and expound upon the proper role or conduct of a Christian advanced nurse practitioner.

The assignment must be submitted as a Word document.

• Drug Seeking Behavior: Unfortunately, drug-seeking behavior is increasing in our society for a variety of reasons such as personal drug abuse, adolescent experimentation, economic reasons (elderly selling pain medications to help pay bills, etc.), or failure of a managing provider to properly down titrate drug use. Nearly all providers are eventually asked to provide medications to patients without proper medical need. How do you respond to such a request? What alternatives could you suggest?

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