What can happen to someone in this professional career if they violate the law?

1. An objective opinion is an opinion that is not based off of personal feelings and connections, but rather professional. If I had a friendly relationship with a patient that wasn’t necessarily professional, it would be emotionally harder to provide critical opinions that I know would benefit them because I wouldn’t want to be put in the position of delivering certain information that I know would also affect them negatively. Relationships with patients are not always a bad thing either because it can definitely help the patients feel safer and more at ease when hearing things from someone they trust and feel comfortable around.
2. For this question, it is quite hard for me to answer because I am someone who excepts everyone and everything there is to know about a person, so It would not impact my ethical and legal decision making when it comes to patients. There should be no reason for anyone’s personal morals, beliefs and education to stop you from doing what you swore you would do, which is help people.
3. It is easy for me to keep my personal feelings to myself if I don’t get along with someone. If I was in a situation where I needed to closely work with a person I did not like, I would still put all emotions aside and get the work done as quickly and as civil as I can.

What is your chosen health care career path? What is the name of a professional organization related to your chosen health care career?
What can happen to someone in this professional career if they violate their professional code of ethics/conduct?
When someone violates the professional code they could end up being punished for it by probation, suspension, or revocation (American Occupational Therapy Association, 2015). As an occupational therapist they need to make sure they are following the code of ethics.
What can happen to someone in this professional career if they violate the law?
Someone who violates the law could be very serious. They could first have their license taken away from them, and also legal action could take place.

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