What culturally competent words can she use to obtain more information?

What is the assumption in the scenario?
What culturally competent words can she use to obtain more information?
What cultural competent definitions are described or lack of in these scenarios?
How should the situation be handled better and what words used to ascertain the patients understanding?

You are visiting an Amish family to provide healthcare services in their home. You have the healthcare team with you. When you have all finished evaluating the patient’s needs you notice your colleague hand the wife a DVD/video with appropriate exercises contained on it to help address her healthcare needs (PT, OT). The woman appears a little confused but does not say anything regarding the DVD, however, she looks at it perplexed, as everyone heads out the door. What assumptions was your colleague making about her ability or desire to use the DVD based on her culture? How could you have handled this in a more culturally competent manner?
You are working in the ER when an older adult woman, of Arab heritage, is brought in for what appears to be a possible heart attack. She is coherent and keeps saying that; she lives with her son and that you must contact the local Imam before she can be treated for any healthcare issues. There is a sense of urgency in regard to her healthcare and her response to the situation. How might you handle this situation in the most culturally competent manner?

Culture awareness, cultural sensitivity, paradigm shift, cultural blindness, cultural desire, cultural destructiveness, cultural incapacity, cultural knowledge, proficiency

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