What is good quality research?

The assignment is:

Assignment 2: Research Critique
What is good quality research? 50%
(2000 words)
This 2000 word (excluding references) paper comprises a response to the question What is good quality research? through a critique of at least two of the research seminars presented or two readings throughout the semester that you explored in EDU6195: Advanced Seminar. Each seminar is unique and there is no universally agreed upon set of criteria for what constitutes good research and yet, it is a constant aspect of academic work to judge others research. We would like you to begin developing the skills to review research; form a judgment about it; and be able to justify how you came to that judgement. You will draw on the unit readings, the unit text, and other appropriate literature to support your critique.
We expect you to structure your paper with an introduction, conclusion and subheadings in the body of the paper. Nonetheless, you may be guided by the following set of questions:
1. Does the title indicate the nature of the research?
2. Are the objectives or purposes of the research clearly identified?
3. Are the objectives or purposes of the research fulfilled?
4. If hypotheses were postulated, are they proved or not proved?
5. Has a sufficient amount of literature relating to the topic been studied?
6. Does the literature review, if any, provide an indication of the state of knowledge in the subject? Is the topic placed in the context of the area of the research as a whole?
7. Are all terms clearly identified or explained?
8. Are the selected methods of data collection suitable for the task? Why were they chosen?
9. Are any limitations of the study clearly presented?
10. Are the data analyzed and interpreted or merely described?
11. Are conclusions based on evidence?
12. Is there any evidence of bias?
13. Are the data likely to be reliable? Could another research replicate the methods and have a reasonable chance of getting similar results?
14. Are recommendations, if any, feasible?
15. Is the referencing well done?
Please note: these 15 questions are to guide the development of your critique, and may inform the structure of your assignment. Depending on the methodology used in your chosen seminars, some of these 15 questions may not be appropriate for your critique.

I clarified with the lecturer that the following 2 readings are suitable:
Why Do You Work with Struggling Students? Teacher Perceptions of Meaningful Work in Trauma-Impacted Classrooms (from week 9)
Effective Behavior Management Strategies for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students: A Literature Review (from week 8)
The lecturer confirmed I can critique these two readings with reference to the 15 questions.
The Assignment Information document which is attached gives a list of references. There is no specified text for this unit and so those readings need to be referenced to, my lecturer said a minimum of 10-12 should be referenced.


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