What is the AFL-CIO? What are some common exceptions to employment-at-will?

Provide your best answers to the following questions in a Word document, using full sentences, following a Q & A format. Total pages expected to answer the questions: 3-4 pages.
*Only sources needed are listed above
Explain what is meant by “mandatory bargaining topics” and provide three examples.
Give a brief overview of the National Labor Relations Act and what it covers. Does it have another name? Has the NLRA been amended? If so, by what law?
Give a brief overview of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.
What is the Railway Labor Act?
What is the Landrum Griffin Act?
What is the AFL-CIO?
What are some common exceptions to employment-at-will?
What do the following terms mean: “union shop,” “closed shop,” and “agency shop”?
What is the intent of “right to work” laws?

Study Material Resources:
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