What is the difference between basic research and applied research? Give two generic examples of each type of research.

Three Paragraphs (with respect to the three subtopics), with each Paragraph 8 to 10 sentences. [This Journal Entry must be TYPED in Courier New 10 or 12 point font, double-spaced].
Subtopic A: What is ‘Research’? Give your own definition and then a formal definition from a source. What is the difference between Basic Research and Applied Research? Give two generic examples of each type of Research. Give two particular examples of each type of Research, as related to your Major Field—e.g. Sociology or Accounting.
Subtopic B: Based upon your Major, what are THREE RESEARCH SOURCES you could consult to learn about: (a) the job prospects in this field, (b) the salary range in this field, (c) the formal and continuing education requirements for this field? Give a brief explanation about each of the Sources chosen.
Subtopic C: Based upon your Major, what are THREE ACADEMIC OR SCHOLARLY JOURNALS which you could use in order to conduct Research about some Question or Problem in your field, as might be presented to you in a Senior-Level Research Class? Give the names of these Journals. Give several Examples of Research Questions or Problems related to your Field of Study.
Additional Requirement: Students should present along with their Journal Entry AT LEAST ONE ACADEMIC ARTICLE (as indicated in Subtopic C) for their Major Field. (Note: Because many Journal Articles are long, students may print just the first three pages of the Selected Article to submit with this Assignment.) The Journal Article may be presented to the Instructor.
My major is criminal justice and is pursuing a law enforcement career.

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