What is the difference between delegation and empowerment?

Involvement and Leadership in an organization.
This week addresses the topic of “empowerment” and its role in successfully leading change. We focus on the “involvement – empowerment – engagement – resistance” continuum. Leading change is about leading people, and while we might sometimes feel like there’s no other choice but to pull people along to do what we think is “best”, what do we have when we get to where we’re going?
Black says that organizational transformation is really about people transformation thus, it is important to re-engage with this concept and attempt to understand what it implies since it is so critical to successful change implementation.
Week 06 Discussion;
Answer each of the following questions. Use SPA format and remember to list your references. These should be answered with 150-200 words each.
What is the difference between delegation and empowerment? What would be your choice as to which to emphasize during a change initiative and why?
How is Black’s notion of “Getting Tired” connected to empowerment.

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