What kind of reputation does the company have among its stakeholders?

Fly Emirates Airline Company;
a. Company Overview: Describe the company you selected. Include major information about its history and development.

b. Reputation: What kind of reputation does the company have among its stakeholders? Find information about what stakeholders say about the company and provide examples. Then, according to your findings, discuss the company’s reputation. Explain where the company stands in terms of its image and reputation among its stakeholders.

c. Corporate Communication Functions: On the company’s website, look for at least five examples that show Corporate Communication Strategies. Describe the examples. Then do an analysis of those Corporate Communication activities that shows how they help the company to achieve its goals and its importance to the organization. You can use other resources such as Google News or the company’s social media accounts to get this information.
d. Recommendations: Make two recommendations that describe how the company can improve its corporate communication strategy.
in-text citations and references are important as well.

Make sure its about fly emirates company only.


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