What makes this piece popular culture interesting? What could be there?

Step 1: Pick a Movie, Analyze the movie “Frozen”. 4-5 pages, double spaced.
Step 2: Summarize what the general “thing” is. What is the situation? What is the overall plot? These steps are not questions to be answered in order, they are guides for what you need to think about and say. So maybe as you tell me about the characters, the plot is revealed. If you mean to focus in on a character, describe them. If it’s a music thing, name a few songs. You can add a link to a song I can deal with quickly.
Step 3: What makes this piece popular culture interesting? What could be there?
Is it about representation of a race/ethnicity/gender/class situation? This may not be its focus, but it may be a theme. And does it reinforce stereotypes, or does it try to challenge them?
Is it global? In what way?
Does it speak to any of the many theories and theoretical perspectives we’ve discussed all semester?
Is it subversive?
Step 4: Danesi and Kidd both provided examples and categories of pop culture. Does this fit into any of those?
On page 51 of the Kidd book, he provides a methodology called “STUDYING CULTURAL EFFICACY” He list five dimensions of this. How does you piece of pop culture measure in each of these dimensions?

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