What operational definitions are used to define the variables used in the research?

JOURNAL ASSIGNMENT,PROFESSIONAL CRIMINAL JUSTICE JOURNAL ARTICLE. Find and read an article from a professional journal dealing with Criminal Justice.  Journals are available from online library.  The Journal must be from 2008 – 20018.  Current issues, only, are acceptable.  Select an article, which interests you from a CH journal.  Be careful to select a research report, not a case study, descriptive project or theoretical discussion.  If you have a question concerning type or article, talk with your instructor.  Complete a synopsis of the article following the outline provided below.  Each submitted review is worth 15 points, approximately 1.5 points per item.  SPA format worth 2 points. You must submit a copy of the article (approximate article length – 10 pages) with your paper. Source: From what journal is the article taken? Who is the author? Use proper bibliographical form. Problem: What is the problem or issue being studied in this article? Hypothesis: What is the hypothesis being tested? What are the independent and dependent variables? State the hypothesis in an “If then format.  There may be more than one hypothesis. Research design: What research design is used? Support your answer. Time frame: What time frame is used? Explain your answer. Operational definitions: What operational definitions are used to define the variables used in the research? Sample: What kind of sample is used? Random? Nonrandom? Why? Who or what is the sample? Findings: What are the findings of the study? Conclusions: What conclusions did the author draw? Ethical questions: What ethical questions are or should have been addressed concerning the research? 11.Copy: A copy of the article must be attached to your paper.  Your paper WILL NOT be graded unless. 12. SPA format 2pts

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