Why people should have a walk able community?

This assignment is for a persuasive speech. Need to write a persuasive speech outline. The topic is: why people should have a walk able community? I uploaded several outline organization templates that you can choose one fitting for this topic. Remember to follow the speech outline when you write. Also, I uploaded some persuasive speech guideline and examples below. Please check them before writing.

-Five credible sources are required for this speech. Five different sources could be two from journals, two from a book, one from a newspaper (better left unreliable website). Four credible sources support your idea- should have a walk able community, one sources support -should not have a walk able community. It means the final body paragraph (short one) should be opposite your thesis statement.

-Relate to personal experience. I’m a student, majoring in urban design.

-What specific policy change are you asking. Specify it.

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