Write a business project.

For this project, you will have the option to work individually or with a group. You will be given a list of 6 products to choose from. For this project, you are to imagine that you have your own company, headquarters, etc and that you are selling this type of product that I have included for you to choose from below. From the list, each person/group will choose 1 product to be used for the project. Each person/group is to submit a well-written paper, including all portions.

I want you to imagine that your company is in its 5th year of business. When your business began, your product did very well. Over the past 5 years, a variety of circumstances have significantly reduced your profitability and you now have to evaluate some unfavorable choices to continue operations.

Your company has a warehouse and a corporate headquarters. At this point, your entire product is made in the US by your warehouse employees. The warehouse employees are the ones that are discussed in Scenario 1. Outside of that (completely separate), you also have employees that work in the corporate headquarters (Scenario 2). There employees are categorized into your hourly, salaried, and executive employee. The hourly, salaried, and executives jobs are discussed in Scenario 2 (none of the warehouse employees are discussed here). What you choose to do in Scenario 1 has no impact on Scenario 2 (and vice versa).

DO NOT USE Wikipedia as a source. Points will be deducted for every instance that Wikipedia is used as a source.

Step 1: Choose a Product

A bedding company that sells sheet sets and comforters.

A water bottle company.

A skateboard and bicycle company.

A smartwatch company.

A travel wear company that makes jackets, backpacks, passport holders, and other unique things to use when traveling.

A tennis shoe/sneaker company.

Introduction Section:

I want you to describe your company. I understand that this is not your actual company, but please be creative.

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