Write a paper in which you argue for or against gentrification. However that the best papers will not simply state that gentrification is either good or bad.

Instead you should while developing your argument , acknowledge both the positive and negative aspects of gentrification. You may want to argue that gentrification is acceptable or unacceptable under certain circumstances (If say controls such as rent stabilization are set up). No matter what you argue please take in to account both sides of the issue. In other words thesis should present a tension between two ideas or sides of the issue. Make sure you clearly state how your argument goes with textual evidence. In concluding your essay you may suggest polices that would make gentrification acceptable or ways in which residents of low-income communities can protect themselves against gentrification. It would certainly be a good idea to explore consequences of your argument. How does your argument relate to interaction between different classes or groups of people interact in today’s society?

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