Write a Personal Narrative Paper with Theoretical Reflection.

Personal Narrative Paper with Theoretical Reflection.

Based on the contents and materials studied in the weeks 1 – 7 of the COMM 216 online course, Write a Personal Narrative Paper with Theoretical Reflection focused on one of the following topics: Micro cultures. Please use Micro cultures and Hispanic (Mexico) as the culture theme.
Please provide concepts, appropriate examples, relevant arguments, and your own conclusions to support the document. In your paper, it is imperative that you blend your thoughts with references to the literature from this course to further validate your statements and opinions. It should include J. Lineup’s chapters AND other assigned readings and videos from our class.
A common mistake that students will make is quoting from dictionaries, scripture, religious texts, additional websites, or literature reviewed in previous courses. Please avoid this. Reference to the assigned literature assures me you have reviewed them and allows me to assess your ability to synthesize, reflect, and apply the material with your own thoughts on the topics discussed.
It is not enough to mention the authors and their ideas on the personal narrative paper. Please include in-text citations (SPA). Also, at the end of the document, all resources should be listed in a reference page using SPA standards (Sixth Version).
The document must follow this format: Microsoft Word Document 3 – 4 pages in length (no reference and title pages included). Type size: Times New Roman, 12 Points. Double spaced.
Academic language is expected. Please avoid using slang, idiomatic expressions, inappropriate speech, or any language with a racial, ethnic, group, or gender bias. Be aware of the appropriate levels of formality to communicate with your audience, and follow style and grammar rules for all academic purposes.

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