Write a proposal on any topic on Legal response to Human/child trafficking in a country in Africa or a topic on International Criminal Court(e.g Africa Responses to the International Criminal Court: A Case Study of South Africa and Burundi.” or a topic in International Economic Law.

This is a law thesis proposal of a minimum of 5000 words. It require the use of bibliographic footnotes or end notes in conjunction with a bibliography to cite sources used in proposal. A list of abbreviations and key words are also required.(The proposal is the initial stage and when approved, l will commence with the dissertation so l will like a writer who will be able to follow through to complete the mini-dissertation at a later date.)

1. The text of all documents must be typed in font type Arial and font size 12. Footnotes must also be in Arial, but in font size 10.
2. The text of the document must be justified, in 1.5 spacing and with 12pt after each paragraph.
3. Footnotes must be justified, in single spacing and with no spaces after each footnote. It must also have a “hanging indent” of 1.25cm.
4. All margins must be 2.5cm, but the left margin must be 3cm.
5. All headings must be aligned left, in Arial font 11 and numbered numerically (i.e. 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, etc.). Main heading are in bold, secondary headings in italics and thereafter in ordinary script. The title of the document can be centered and in ALL CAPS.
6. All documents must be supplied with a bibliography. A list of abbreviations and key words are also required.
7. All documents must be supplied with a title page. The requirements for this are specified in the Procedures for Master’s and Doctoral Studies. The link for this is provided in Schedule 7.6.
8. A research proposal should be 5 000 – 10 000 words in length.

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