Write a summary of the article that is between 150 and 200 words long.

Go to Psychotic (http://www.apa.org/news/psycport/) and select an article related to one of the topics below. Write a summary of the article that is between 150 and 200 words long. Your summary must include the main ideas of the article, the chosen topic from the list below somewhere in the title, a brief descriptions of any research discussed in the article, and a link to the article. No direct quotes or copied and pasted text from the article are allowed.
Please be clear about your topic choice (of the five given) by putting it at the top of your submission. Also be selective about what kind of article you choose. Do not choose an article that provides basic information about the topic. For instance if you choose Learning, you need to find an article that connects Learning and some other factor, like poverty, for example. There is a lot of general information about these topics on the website, but choose articles that discuss cutting edge research regarding the topic.
Grading Rubric:
Topic choice stated at the top of the submission 15
Article regards new research on the topic (not purely informational like you would find in a textbook definition). 30
Link to article present 15.
Article has a direct and clear connection w/the chosen topics 15.
Sub-total 75.
Mechanics penalties (-2 each to maximum of 30 points)
Word count penalties (-20 if over 200 or under 150)
Psychological disorders.
We have to choose one articles from Psychotic this website.

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