Write an essay on your created and answered hypothesis, with a demonstrable thesis from one story.

Stories: 1. The Yellow Wallpaper

  1. A&P
  2. Sonny’s Blues
  3. The Story Of An Hour

Select one story from these that you want to write about.

For your short story paper, you will submit a typed, titled, page numbered, double-spaced essay answering a student created and answered hypothesis, with a demonstrable thesis,

The paper will have an introductory paragraph with a thesis, body of essay, and conclusion. This should be 1,000-1,250 words NOT including the works cited. Your paper will be written according to ML 8 documentation. Please include your works cited page in the same document, partitioned from the conclusion of your paper with a page break.

For this paper, I am requiring at least two secondary sources. Without prior permission, these sources must come from the academic databases listed below. At least one of these sources need to be directly related to the works of literature you are close reading. All papers must have at least three quotes from the primary source and at least two from secondary sources. Your discussions of these quotes must exceed the quote in length.

Your secondary sources should come from the library databases. Useful ones for this course include;

Academic Search Premier.


Contemporary Authors.


Literary Reference Center.

Literature Resource Center.

Do not have more than one paragraph of summary. I have read these works too.

Include a works cited page including all sources, both primary and secondary, you cite from in ML format. There is no need to include a cover page. Essay must be plagiarism free.


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