Write an extended case study on a leading case in one of the following subject areas

Description Assessment task details and instructions
This task requires you write an extended case study on a leading case in one of the following subject areas:
• Negligence
• Confidentiality
• Consent
• Organ Donation
• Access to Health Care
• End of Life Issues
• Beginning of Life Issues
The extended case study will consist of a literature review of between 500- 1000 words which will include a brief overview of the case you have chosen and why you have chosen it, and the research that will aid you in the task; such as journal articles, statutes, case law etc. You MUST provide the literature review with the case study. This will not be marked separately but will form part of the overall assessment
The main body of the assessment will be an analysis of the case chosen – which will be between
2,500-3,000 words in length (not including the bibliography.
You will be required to use the usual OSCOLA referencing system including footnotes and bibliography. Footnotes will be included in the word count but the bibliography will NOT be included

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