Write down the case study about the Karamazov (Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation).

1. The governance structure of the case under investigation.
2. The key player and their roles and responsibilities.
3. Power relations among involved actors.
4. Role of citizens in the analyzed case study.

1. All the Content of the Final Report and resources are attached with the orders. as well as i need other resources provided by the Readers.

2. I attached also my own paper that contain some of the information related to the following;
a.the main actors (governmental and non-governmental).
b. the overall governance structure place governing Karamazov
c. the role of citizens.

3. I attached some resources related to the Laws available related to the Karamazov. I need the writer to go through them and include them in the case study .

4. NO plagiarism at all.

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