Write short essay after reading attachments(readings) only pages below.

For all three of the readings, list the following: Who (what group of people, which specific individuals) is this article about? When did the events it discusses happen? What are three examples it uses to explain the event? Why does the event (or events) described matter, according to the author?

Write short essay after reading attachments(readings) only pages below;
Eke, Peter P. “Colonialism and the two public in Africa: A theoretical statement.” Comparative studies in society and history 17.1 (1975): 91-112

Cofferdam, Jean, and John Cofferdam. “Christianity and colonialism in South Africa.” American ethnologist 13.1 (1986): 1-2

Odious, Amado. “The French colonial policy of assimilation and the civility of the originates of the four communes (Senegal): A nineteenth century globalization project.” Development and Change 29.4 (1998): 671-696.

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