Answer the questions in the same order in which they have been asked.

International Taxation -Individual AssignmentTotal marks: 100Question 130 pointsQuestion 230 pointsQuestion 340 pointsTotal100 pointsSubmission guidelines

1.Answer the questions in the same order in which they have been asked.

2.You can answer them in a Word file and after formatting, convert the file into PDF for submission.

3.There is no minimum or maximum size of expected answers. It is your understanding of the subject and the effort that you have put into compiling your answers that shall earn you marks. In that case, you can try to be as detailed as possible.

4.A very important thing in compilingyour answers is creativity and originality. As future professionals, itisyour ability to think out of the box that shall ultimatelymatter.

5.Please feel free to supplement your answers with numbers, graphs and figures.

6.Do not forget to add a neat References section at the end ofyour file with sources of informationthat you have used forcompiling your report.

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