Assessment Task

You are required to submit a 3500 word proposal on the business research project you intend to complete this year. Please use the Business Research Project Guide above to complete this work.

The project proposal demonstrates your understanding of the selection of appropriate business research techniques along with their ability to demonstrate how to plan a project.

The proposal will contain an extensive literature review which will demonstrate your ability to analyse the information in the public domain relating to your chosen project. This may be an academic review of published literature or an analysis of the business background to your project.

The literature review will be almost to the extent that you would expect to include in the final project report, although you may update and extend further for the final report. Marks will only be allocated for the literature review in his assignment and only a limited amount in the final report; therefore you must ensure it is fairly complete.


1. The project proposal will be mainly written in the future tense

2. Use Harvard Referencing, valuable marks can be lost if incorrect!

3. The following the outline:

1.1. Front cover
1.2. Title page
1.3. Summary
1.4. Introduction (including aims and objectives)
1.5. Literature Review to be substantive but not complete
1.6. Proposed Methodology
1.7. Possible Conclusions
1.8. Action plan or Gantt chart
1.9. References
2.0. Appendices

– This paper needs at leat 20 different references from books, journals, articles, interviews.

Please see attached documents to see assessment brief.

I have included in a separate document with the Aim, objectives and rational of the Thesis, you must follow it in order to successfully link this to the dissertation proposal.

Also, you will find a third document with a guideline to Hardvard referencing, please you must reference following this guide.

I would appreciate if you can message me trough UK writing and indicate that you have understood the instuctions and please raise any question you may have. I am available 24/7 for this and my aim is to respond any questions withing 24 H.

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