Behavioral Aspects of Weight Manangement

For this discussion forum, there is a relatively short (and very cute) video of young kids trying a number of school lunches from around the world. They have a small taste of the varying aspects in front of them and they are asked to give their opinion of the food.

Use the prompts below to provide a strong discussion post and please make sure to respond to another student within our class to receive a grade.
Did you find any other meals presented before the children to be visually appealing?
Which one stood out to you in particular? Why?
Do you think there is a problem with school lunches in the United States? If you are from outside of the US, tell us about your school lunches and if you thought they were of good quality or not?
Do you think there might be a way to resolve problems with school lunches? If so, how might we do this?
When you have kids of your own, what would you like to see them eating for their school lunches?
Put these questions in discussion/essay format please

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