Discuss the role of gender and sexuality in the ancient world and how this manifests itself in ancient literature.What changes and what does not between literary genres? How do issues of gender operate across social and class lines in ancient literature?

Ancient text In the following questions, wherever it is stipulated that at least 2 separate sources from the course be used, this means that students must demonstrate knowledge of and engagement with the entirety of each of those 2 texts. Do NOT just refer to a single passage from a text as this does not […]

. Create an original Response Poem that uses imagery to describe the artwork and your reaction to it. Instructions

Find a famous work of art or famous photograph and complete the following: 1. Include a pasted picture of your painting or photograph. 2. Research the artist and the painting/photograph and write a history in your own words. You must use in text citations for your newly researched information. You should have at least one […]

What connections can you make between our characters, themes, and essential questions?

Purple hibiscus commentary   Your thoughts about the story. Remember, this should be an analysis, NOT a summary! What do you notice? How do you feel? What connections can you make between our characters, themes, and essential questions? Discuss the relationship between Amaka and Kambili. How has it grown/changed throughout the novel? What does each […]

What are some ways in which picture books rely on design and production elements for their artistic effects and to make meaning?

Genre Analysis •Select a reading/text that falls into any one of the following genres: poetry and verse, picture books, or fairy tales. Analyze how and why the text is a good example of the genre. This requires analyzing specific elements of the text as evidence to support your argument.Picture books •What are some ways in […]

Demonstrations of belief. Discuss similarities between the people you choose and the characters in the film

To kill a mockingbird Analysis Several characters in To Kill A Mockingbird are agents of change. Identify and explore three people in the history of the South who have taken stands on principles that have led to social change in spite of great odds and great difficulties. Include biographical information and a brief description of […]

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