Why?: The current staffing resource did not meet the national standard for PICU

These are the three case studies I have chosen to use for the assignment. Management and teams case study Total Parental Nutrition (TPN) was not available on the paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Three Patients where without TPN for 8 hours, until same day order was placed as urgent for delivery. Upon investigation, it was […]

Develop ten assessment items to align with your summative objective assessment blueprint from part A. Be sure to include at least two items of different item types.

Develop the student-facing assessment materials for each of the three assessments by doing the following: 1.  Include the instructions for each assessment. 2.  Develop a formative assessment activity to align with your formative assessment blueprint from part A. a.  Develop the feedback and goal setting language to correspond with different levels of student performance on the formative assessment. 3.  Develop an […]

For this discussion post, I was assigned to case # 2 which is the physician do not heal thyself case.

I need a reply of about half page of each discussion, with at least 2 references. Discussion 1. Week three discussion Week 3 Initial post For this discussion post, I was assigned to case # 2 which is the physician do not heal thyself case. This case study describes a 60-year-old physician with generalized anxiety, […]

Identify the business problems of each of the cases; describe the metaphor(s) used.?

Assignment Instructions Goal: Create a case study analysis based on two scholarly studies that utilize metaphors (Morgan’s, or similar) to describe the functionality of organizations. After a concise, but thorough, analyses of the cases, summarize the benefits of using metaphorical devices in management practice. Instructions: Students will write a 600-750 word case study analysis based […]

Coca-Cola: In a 10-page written report submitted to the class discussion, the team will detail their analysis of the client team/company.

Team Project: Part Three Instructions One goal of this project is to deeply understand how teams function. A second goal is to give learners experience collecting and analyzing data in a consulting role using process consultation and data collection techniques discussed in class. Learning teams will conduct research in an organization of their choice (Coca-Cola), […]

Evaluate Twitter’s approach to strategic decision-making and indicate to what extent you think their strategy has been a success to date, and based on your evaluation, make recommendations for future growth.

Leading Strategic Decision-Making                                                                      End of Module Coursework Assessment This graded assessment accounts for 100% of your final grade and comprises two separate assessment exercises: Part A & Part B which are both weighted equally at 50% of your final grade. Part A In Part A, we assess learning outcomes related to topics 2, 3, 4 […]

Collaborating: · Explain why Rita was reluctant to participate in Dr. Heston’s request for her to keep a record of her eating behaviors. Use information from the Halmi (2013) article “Perplexities of Treatment Resistance in Eating Disorders” to help support your statements.

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read the PSY650 Week Three Treatment Plan and Case 9: Bulimia Nervosa in Gorenstein and Comer (2014). Please also read the Waller, Gray, Hinrichsen, Mounford, Lawson, and Patient (2014) “Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Bulimia Nervosa and Atypical Bulimic Nervosa: Effectiveness in Clinical Settings,”Halmi (2013) “Perplexities of Treatment Resistance in […]

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