Make a log of the number of ways that you have listened to music in the last week.

2. Overview: In this first cultural perspective, you are asked to think about music in your culture: twenty-first century America. As you will learn in the coming weeks, the manner in which people interact with music and the way that they have access to music are important aspects of a musical culture. In order to […]

Identify potential risks and areas for concern and offer creative suggestions at the conceptual stage to produce an exciting, original event.

:South Korean Culture Festival; An Event Plan for a London Based Culture Festival “Using the skills learnt in class choose a hypothetical or real event you have organised and create a timeline from conception to completion. Along the way identify the variety of tasks that need fulfilling and prepare a document to support that timeline […]

Demonstrate critical thinking and reading skills.

Text analysis of “See you again” Song by Wiz Khalifa Academic Writing: Text Analysis Description: An analysis is the close examination of something in which the structure and elements are closely inspected. With text analysis, a conclusion about the text should be arrived at as a result of this close examination. During this assignment, you […]

What musical contribution did this person make?

Johann Sebastian Bach All papers must be double-spaced in a 12 pt, Times New Roman. Three references must be cited, one has to be a non-internet source. Details: Include relevant facts. How and why was your subject inspired to become a musician or composer? What musical contribution did this person make? Are there interesting attributes […]

Identify the UK collecting societies for the rights holders to join, who the IP and recordings should be registered with, and how to obtain ISRC and ISWC codes for the master and publishing rights.

CASE STUDY 1) Provide a brief introduction to the history and philosophy of copyright, and explain the concept of copyright (Definition, duration, public domain, authors’ and creations’ eligibility requirements, authorship/ownership only) supporting your explanations by using the core readings and the Act CDPA 1988. 2) Identify all copyrights while referencing the CDPA 1988. 3) To […]

What region of the country did this music come from? What subgenre of country music might it fit into? What instruments were used?

Country music is all about the….music! For this project, please find a recording of a country music concert of your choice. This could be from any time period but try to find one that was recorded live and is available in its entirety. Ideally we’d be watching LIVE country music, but since that is no […]

Develop program notes for each piece. For the musician, program notes discuss the history and/or relevance of each piece. This can be accomplished by a simple paragraph per selection

Imagine that you are an instrumentalist or vocalist. You are planning on performing a concert of Romantic Era music in the college’s auditorium. Using various resources, develop a concert program that has the following information: 1. Choose which instrument you will perform with (or vocal part). 2. Select a minimum of five pieces from the […]

Describe each instrument used by name but you need to at the minimum tell me the families of instruments used or how the sound is produced

For this assignment you will compare and contrast these three pieces: Charles Mingus “Better Git in Your Soul”, Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 2 in D Major, movement I Led Belly “Midnight Special”, The idea of this assignment is to compare and contrast these three pieces of music. First, listen to them […]

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