Create a histogram of the average age of the Hospice patients. Change the bin size to 2, give appropriate titles.

Complete all of the visualizations listed below in one packaged workbook. Make sure you add each data source as outline in the manual and name each tab in the workbook.

Using Excel file “CONCHS Leading Cause of Death United States Preview the document” create the following Vi’s.
Text Table including case of death, Average Age Adjusted Death Rate and Total Give appropriate title
Create a bar chart of Average Age Adjusted Death rate by State where the Cause of Death (Cause Name) is shown using colors excluding “All Causes”. Give appropriate title.
Create a text table of states (rows) by Cause of Death (Cause Name) and total deaths
Create a line chart showing cause of death over time, using color to show cause of death. (Filter our “All” and “All Causes”) Give appropriate title.
Using Excel file “Medicare Provider Charges Inpatient Preview the document” create the following Viz
Create a text table that includes Dr Gs by average covered charges, average total payments, and average Medicare payments. Be sure to use $ and no decimal points.
Create a time series of heart disease as the leading cause of death between 1999 and 2016 for all states (extra credit)
Using Excel file “Hospice POOF Provider CY2016Preview the document” create the following Vi’s
Which Dimensions should be Measures? Make the appropriate changes.
Create a histogram of the average age of the Hospice patients. Change the bin size to 2, give appropriate titles.
Create a horizontal bar chart of the number of Asian, Black, Hispanic, and White hospice beneficiaries. Filter by State to show Florida.
Create a map showing the number of hospice beneficiaries by state (Extra Credit)
All Visualizations must be formatted appropriately including all items mentioned in individual question and the following guidelines:

One decimal point for all numbers in visualizations.
Appropriate headings using Tableau Medium font.
No null values.
Include number labels.
Use % for all Rates side note there may other instructions add to help with assignment.

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