Critically consider the purpose of prison in England and Wales with references to both the philosophies of punishment and relevant academic literature.

A good essay will:
 have a clear introduction which clearly defines the key concepts and clearly signposts the reader to what can be expected from the main body of the essay
 develop a critical discussion of the purpose of the prison with clear links to relevant philosophies of
 draw on relevant academic literature
 have a conclusion which summarises the key points of the essay before answering the essay question

The following information applies to ALL assessments. Please read carefully before you begin.

● Essays and other assignments must be word-processed using 12-point font and doublespaced or 1.5 line spaced.
● Coursework should be within +/- 10% of the stipulated word length. The penalties that apply to assessments that fall outside this range are set out in the Departmental and Course Supplement.
● Please type the assignment title at the top of the first page of your work.
● Please type the word count at the end of the last page of your work.
● To ensure assessments are marked anonymously, you must use your student identification number NOT your name. Please put your student identification number in a header or footer so that it appears on every page.
● Essays must include a reference list and be properly referenced throughout using the APA referencing style. Information about the referencing requirements are in the Studying Criminology distance learning materials or on the Library website at The penalties that apply to assessments that do not comply with the referencing guidance are set out in the Departmental and Course Supplement

● You should support your statements and arguments with appropriately referenced evidence
from a range of academic books, journals and other reputable sources.
● It is usual to avoid the first person (I, we, me etc) in academic essays and reports unless asked to reflect upon your own personal experience or professional practice.
● Demonstrate knowledge of relevant theories and the ways in which these assist in a greater
understanding of the topic.
● You should demonstrate evidence of wider reading and research, in particular, an awareness of the relevant and up-to-date initiatives, policies and legislation.

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