Green construction still worthy today. Discuss why?

The intro should be about 120 words ,an introduction of the topic , background information defnition( not necessary) have a thesis statement ( outline of the essay and your position)

The essay should be very well structured with grammar structure and vocabulary
There must be 4 body paragraph ( 3 paragraph for the argument and 1 against the argument) .
Theere must be a refutation included also in the paragraph written against the argument.
Each body paragraph should be 200 words

Note : for the argument each paragraph should debate 1 idea whereas for the opposing paragraph 2 or 3 ideas can be included.

Use reliable sources only to support in the essay.
The conclusion should be around 80 words. The conclusion and the intro should be really impacting just like the whole body!
The arguments should be very strong.

The sources should not be more that 5 years back.

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