Ledership Development Portfolio: Create a culture of journal-type thinking that will provide a framework for continued future growth and success.

The LDP culminates this week with a final paper. This paper will be 1600 to 2400 words in length and formatted in APA style but written in the first person. It will incorporate those significant components of what you have learned, how you have grown, and where you plan to go from here as an organizational leader based on these realizations. Info for perspective (I am working as Transit Operations Scheduler at a local Transit agency in Florida if possible work along those lines.)
It may include key developments, personal milestones, professional achievements, and/or future aspirations. Finally, it will also serve as a resource for you to tell your compelling story of personal growth and development as you further your career. In many ways, it is a road map towards fulfilling your leadership journey.
Develop your APA formatted final paper reflective of your learning and growth associated with the Master of Leadership program. The headings provided will assist you in meeting the objectives of this assignment.
Leadership Development Portfolio Focus & Goals
The LDP process is intended to serve as a vehicle for your professional development as you think deeply and gain insight into yourself and your capacity to lead or follow. Throughout the process and as each successive seminar builds upon previous ones, you will be challenged to stretch and grow as you think in new ways about how to inspire both yourself and others to become agents of positive change. This personalized approach recognizes where you are within your individual leadership development process and further reflects upon the partnerships you have built with faculty and fellow students that will help you achieve your leadership goals.
Specifically, the LDP process will help you:
1. To identify and assess individual leadership strengths and opportunities for growth in an environment of learning, self-reflection and support for achieving one’s professional goals.
2. To identify those obstacles and barriers preventing growth and developing the means to overcome them.
3. To identify action steps for personal and professional growth and tangible measures for assessing progress and achievement.
4. To create a culture of journal-type thinking that will provide a framework for continued future growth and success.
5. To live what you learn.
Note on Developmental Planning:
While your personal and professional growth will be stimulated by your instructors and peers, taking personal responsibility for your development is critical to your continued professional success. The research on developmental planning also demonstrates that publicly setting goals increases the probability of achievement from 5% to 70% and also contributes significantly to your academic and professional productivity.
Given your professional commitments and the demands on your time, you’ll find that there are numerous potential and real obstacles to your professional development. However, several factors will contribute to your ability to learn and improve:
• Recognize that your natural tendencies will interfere with your ability to try new behaviors and approaches. Be willing to reflect on how you have handled situations in the past and think about employing more effective approaches the next time you encounter a similar situation.
• Be willing to assume personal responsibility for your actions and the logical consequences associated with those actions.
• Take calculated risks by experimenting with new behaviors when opportunities arise or seek opportunities to apply what you’ve learned in novel work and non-work situations.
• Practice new behaviors and approaches even if your initial attempts make you feel uncomfortable.
• Seek feedback from your boss, valued colleagues, and the significant people in your life.

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