Dear Ms. Trigonometric: Write each customer a friendly response that offers a solution to their problem.

Project Option A: Dear Ms. Trigonometric


Equation and Graph as outlined in the rubric

Congratulations!  You have been promoted to be the Quality Assurance Representative of the Function Factory!  Your job is to make sure that your clients are happy.  Carefully read the complaints below and reply with clear directions that will solve his/her problem.


Write each customer a friendly response that offers a solution to their problem.  Remember that they are not trigonometry experts, like you.  Do not assume they know anything about trigonometric functions.  A complete letter includes:

  1. A greeting & letter format (should be typed)
  2. A neatly labeled graph of the function they want
  3. A function rule corresponding to their desired function
  4. An easy-to-understand and friendly explanation of how you know that the function rule you defined is the correct one.

Project Option A: Dear Ms. Trigonometric Rubric (50 points)
(Each Letter is worth 25 points)


Mathematics: Correct Equation

  • Does the equation I wrote consider the…
    • Amplitude
    • Period
    • Phase Shift
    • Vertical Translation
    • Base Function (Sin/Cos/Tan)
    • Reflection (if applicable)
  • Does the equation I wrote match the graph/description from the letter?
  • Have I checked my equation using a graphing utility (e.g. graphing calculator)?
8 points
Mathematics: Justification

  • Have I explained why the equation I wrote satisfies the description given?
  • Have I considered all parts of the equation in offering an explanation?
  • Have I defined any terms that may be unfamiliar to my audience?
5 points
Mathematics: Graph

  • Does my graph match the equation I offered?
  • Are the axes on my graph labeled with appropriate units?
  • Is my scale consistent?
  • Have I used technology or graph paper to neatly sketch my graph?
  • Have I “curved” my trigonometric functions?
4 points

  • Is my letter neat and typed?
  • Does my letter contain a greeting, introduction, and closure?
  • Have I utilized my creativity in writing and designing this letter?
  • Is my letter free of grammar and spelling errors?
3 points
Personal Engagement/Audience

  • Have I used customer-friendly language in addressing the complaint?
  • Have I used laymen’s terms to describe why this is the correct equation?
  • Have I taken on the role of being a customer service representative for Function Factory and represented the company well?
5 points
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