Discuss your plan to carry out your health initiative project.

Health Initiative Project Topic Selection.

Identify a topic/area of health need in your community, your state, or the nation. (You may not select a topic in your work setting.) How does your selected health initiative play a role in the health of your community?
Find an article from a professional nursing journal that addresses this disparity. Then complete the assignment below.

Clearly identify the health initiative. Discuss why you chose this health initiative.
Discuss your plan to carry out your health initiative project.
Identify at least two resources (only one of which may be a website) that will assist you in development and implementation of your project.
Health need topics could include nutritious school lunches, obesity, inactivity, immunizations, school nurses, healthcare/medications for the mentally ill, homelessness, STD, health disparities, school health for children with diabetes or asthma, APRON practice, opioid epidemic, medical marijuana, etc. The topics are too numerous to mention them all. Think about your nursing experiences and your knowledge of healthcare systems when choosing your topic.



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