Exploring your critical thinking skills by completing a diagnostic assessment

Critical Thinking

Assessment weighting
Tasks 1, 2 and 3: 20% Task 4: 80%

Assessment brief (if appropriate, please refer to module assessment briefing document)

There are four tasks to complete for this module’s assessment.
Task 1: Exploring your critical thinking skills by completing a diagnostic assessment
Go to the University’s Learning and Information Services webpage. Click on: Skills for Learning/General Study Skills. Find the ‘Online Tools and Resources’ section. Click on the link for Skills4Study Campus. 
 The first time you log on to Skills4Study Campus you will need to register using your usual university log on details.
Find the Critical Thinking module and complete the diagnostic test.
Save your results of the diagnostic test (cut and paste into a Word file or save as an Excel file).
Upload the completed task where directed to in the Assignment section of Canvas.
Task 2: Language and critical thinking
This task will help you to develop your skills in identifying how critical thinking is revealed within academic writing.
The materials to complete this task are on Canvas:
1. Define the terms.
2. Match language ‘clues’ to help you become a critical reader and writer. Ensure you match all the ‘clues’.
Upload the completed task where directed to in the Assessment section of Canvas.
Task 3: Contribute to discussion forum on Canvas (250 – 350 words)
Part of the assessment and grading for this task is your ability to follow the instructions below, so please do so!
Watch the complete clip of KALIM, a student at Sussex University [click here for the clip of Kalim or see the video under Task 3 in the Assignment section in Canvas]. Then, decide upon some aspect of what he said that

Authorised: Authorised: FoSS version 1 – Approved by: FAEC November 8th 2016. Ref: 2 Module Assessment Briefing Form

You wish to discuss (or challenge).
Think deeply about what you’ll discuss, and why. Choose something that connects to your own undergraduate study experiences here at Wolverhampton so far.
Draft your ideas first, so that you are clear and organised in your line of reasoning, and can argue your point in a clear, reasoned way. In your posting, present your viewpoint and your reasoning.
When you are happy with your work, please post a comment in the Task 3 Discussion Thread in the Assignment section on Canvas.
Then respond to one other person’s post. Read their point carefully, think about your response, then post a comment in support of their comment, or challenging it – GIVE YOUR REASONS. Remember to be polite and respectful at all times.
Task 4: Write a 1500 word essay:
What might be the key characteristics of a critical thinker, and how might you develop your own critical thinking skills?
This is a deliberately wide title to allow you scope to present your understanding of, and engagement with concepts involved in critical thinking at university.
The areas below offer a guide as to how you might wish to evidence your learning from the module, and present your wider thinking and reading around relevant issues.
Use of published, academic sources and references are expected. You should avoid using any sources that are accessed via a search engine. A reading list is available on Canvas.
Demonstrate some knowledge of what critical thinking is.
Highlight some personal qualities you bring to the task of critical thinking. Explore some of the barriers to your critical thinking.
Present actions that can continue developing your critical thinking skills next semester. Format:
Express ideas and points clearly, using sentences and paragraphs (NO bullet points!) Check your work for accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar.
Show your academic sources by citing them in your text and listing their full details at the end of your work, according to the University’s Harvard style guide.
Make sure that your student number is on every page of the document, pages are numbered, and lines are double-spaced.
Upload your essay to the Assignments section in Canvas.
It is your responsibility to upload a) the correct version of your essay and b) a compatible file. The version submitted is the version that will be marked. Corrupted/unreadable files will be given a mark of 0%.
Resit Information:
If your portfolio does not achieve a pass, after receiving feedback, you must resubmit the portfolio with complete and substantial revisions made to any failed elements.

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