Financial Statement Analysis of Singapore Airlines from 2014-2018.

  1. a) Intended Learning Outcomes assessed:
    – Interpret results of financial statement analysis
    -Assess a company’s financial position through a detailed analysis of its financial statements and make suggestions for financial strategies based on the analysis
    – Review effects of the major international accounting frameworks (in case the company operates under GASP/FIRS), appreciate the accounting harmonization process, discuss company
    specifics issues (if any)
    – Comments on the process and outputs of consolidating financial statements, and the limitations off financial reporting, disclosures and how published financial information can be distorted.
    Review examples;
    – Gain confidence in making decisions on a company’s financial position independently. Comment on future capital need of the,

    b) Description of assignment: 3,000 word individual essay Students shall prepare an analysis of the financial statements of a company for a period not shorter than 3 years.
    The essay should briefly describe the industry the company operates in and the company itself as far as the information is relevant for the analysis. Reference to academic sources is highly expected.
    Based on this introduction, students shall critically analyze and interpret the financial position, the financial performance, and the cash flows of the company, and make suggestions for future
    corrective actions to be taken based on their findings.


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