First priority on calls – you have to answer all first incoming calls and assist our clients with their inquiries.

Task A:

First priority on calls – you have to answer all first incoming calls and assist our clients with their inquiries.

Our goal while working with calls:

Post-dial delay: not more than 15 seconds ( 3 rings)
Missed calls: not more than 5% (monthly)


Most common questions you may face while working with calls:


Assistance – a client wants to know more about our services or he wants our help to place a new order.

What to do: answer customer’s first question, if he has more questions -transfer the call to a Sales agent. ( click HERE to see how ).


Discount –  a client is asking for a discount.

What to do:

  • First of all ask a client whether he is placing an order for a first time, if yes – provide him with a Discount for first-time users.
  • If it is not a first time for a client – you have to find out what type of a discount a client is asking for.
  • If a client is “a regular discount hunter” and asking for a discount for no reason- check whether we have seasonal discounts and provide it if we have any . If we do not have current discounts – inform a client that we will notify him about new discounts once we have any.
  • If a client states that we promised him a discount – check section “Comments” in his profile to see the reason why ( all agents have to leave a comment in client’s profile why they promised to provide a discount). If you do not see any – you have to find out WHERE WHEN and WHY we promised a discount.Once you find this information – provide a discount with the same amount which we have offered previously ( refer to our Comments), a discount should be taken from file “Our Discounts“. If you do not see any comment/reason why we should provide a discount –  you may decline the client’s demand and  offer our life-time program ( explain how our  works).
  • a client is saying that his discount is expired – you have to find out what type of a discount a client is asking for.  If it is a discount for First-time users and you see that the client has orders with us – explain him that this discount works only for the first time. If it is a Seasonal discount – check his expiration date ( there has to be a banner with this discount on the main Websites page). If it is “One time discount” which we have given to the client earlier, check whether it works by yourself and whether the customer used it with while placing new orders- if not provide him with a new discount.


Payment issues while placing an order – to see types of problems and how to resolve it, click HERE


Order clarification – a client is seeking for general information about his order, such as: when he receives a final paper, how to contact his writer, how to download a final paper, how to send additional information to a writer,etc.)

What to do: find a client’s order ( ask his order ID or find it in the system by phone or email), answer all customer’s questions.


A client does not like the paper.

What to do :

-bring your apologies and check the order to find out whether a free revision is possible ( if a client was already compensated or time for a free revision has already passed – a free revision cannot be done, in such cases offer a client to place a new order for Rewriting),
-offer a revision ( in such case a client needs to provide detailed revision comments in written form and reasonable time for it, to do so he can place a revision request ( you may guide him how ) or send it to us via Messaging system or email ( in this case you have to move the order to “Revision” state by yourself, click here to see how).


A client does not like a writer.

What to do : 

-asked a client why he wants a new writer. If he keeps saying that the provided paper is below his standards – offer him a revision with the same writer ( the main point – to explain to the client that his writer can correct the paper but he needs detailed comments, what exactly should be done), if the client keeps asking for another writer – ask him whether the paper should be revised or written from scratch, then reassign the writer ( click HERE to see how ).


A client is asking for a refund.

What to do :  if a client  is asking for a refund/money back/compensation/reimbursement, etc. – check whether a Dispute agent is available at the moment and transfer the call to him/ offer a call back within X time ( Dispute agent has to tell you when he he can call back).



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