Fundamentals of human resources: What type of information should be included in an employment contract?

1. What type of information should be included in an employment contract?
(5 marks)
2. How will you advise relevant staff of a new employee’s appointment, start
date, and administrative arrangements for pay and employee record
keeping? (2 marks)
3. What information would be included in an induction program, regardless of
the industry? (3 marks)
4. Who should deliver an induction program? (Position title and why) (6 marks)
5. What is the benefit of using a buddy system for new employees? (3 marks)
6. Recruitment is one of the functions that HR is responsible for. What is
recruitment and what does it involve? How does recruitment fit into the HR
life cycle? (6 marks)
7. What is discrimination? What can an organisation do to make sure that
they comply with anti discrimination and equal opportunity legislation in the
recruitment process? (6 marks)
8. One of the candidates for a position you are offering turns out to be an
acquaintance of one of the managers on the selection panel. The manager
insists upon employing him despite the fact that he doesn’t have the required
experience for the role. As the person in charge of the interview process,
what will you do? (3 marks)
9. What types of tests are most useful in the selection process? (4 marks)
10. List three questions that you would ask referees as part of a reference
check. (6 marks)
11. How would you and members of the selection panel decide on which
candidate to hire for the position? (6 marks)
12. Write a letter to the successful candidate advising that you will hire him/her.
(10 marks)
13. Write a letter to other candidates that you will not proceed with their
applications. (5 marks)

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