How would you describe the last e-learning training that you completed?

Describe the interview process will you use and how you plan to conduct the interview. List the interview questions to be used in the qualitative case study interviews with the participants and provide a rationale for each question. The questions should be based on the following article (Guo, L., & Vargo, C. (2018). “Fake news” and emerging online media ecosystem: An integrated

How would you describe the last e-learning training that you completed?
After you completed your e-learning training, describe your level need for additional training reinforcement?
What was your experience working with your manager to reinforce what you learned during the training?
what you learned before your manager’s support?
Can you identify any noticeable changes in your ability to perform the job after the e-learning and managerial support?
Describe your ability to transfer what you’ve learned to multiple contexts within the workplace.
What challenges or obstacles do you face when applying what you’ve learned back to the workplace?
How would you describe learning transfer?
Would you describe a few of the reasons you engaged in further learning reinforcements after your employee took the e-learning training?
Were there any high-level initiatives or goals that prompted the decision to reinforce the learning? For example, was this decision motivated by a company-wide vision?
What have your employees been saying about their learning transfer and ability to apply knowledge to their job since they’ve received reinforcements?
How would you describe your role as a manager when it comes to reinforcing e-learning training?
How would you describe how your support practices as it related to e-learning training reinforcement?
From your perspective, how would you describe challenges employees face when transferring learning back to the job?
Describe the ways in which you’ve seen the employee apply what they’ve learned to the job after your reinforcement.
What would be an example of that?
Please explain that in more detail.
What did you mean by that?
Please tell me more about that.

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