Identify a problem in your organisation that might benefit from an improved information system or an internal technological development that can be associated with one of the themes

Assignment 1 (25%) – Essay: 2,000 words (maximum including references)
Identify a problem in your organization that might benefit from an improved information system or an internal technological development that can be associated with one of the themes below. Then you can select ONE of the Information Systems issues listed below and discuss the implications of it to your organization. In doing so, you will need to use references from academic journal articles mostly in order to inform your perspective. Also, you should reference related aspects of the IFS as appropriate and make connections with the IFS.
IS themes
1. Information Systems Security (Cybersecurity)
2. Information Management Strategy
3. Organizational change and IS
4. Information Systems Outsourcing
5. Governance and Ethics
6. Information Systems Development

(This list is broadly based on the topics of the lectures to allow you to select a topic of current concern both to Information Systems AND to your own organization/situation.)
All references used need to be listed and they need to adhere to the Harvard referencing Style. Follow: to see how you should format your references. You can use the EndNote software to help you in formatting.

Assignment 2 (25%) – Information Flow Diagram: no description required – only the Diagram needs to be uploaded based on the specification
Draw an Information Flow Diagram (IFS) of (part of) your organization. This should be related to Part 1 (in other words, what you design in the IFS will need to reflect the description in the first part of the assignment). You are free to use whatever software programmer you’d like to in order to draw the IFS (e.g. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc) though one easy & free web-based application for such designs that we will review in brief is

Note: Submission of the IFS will be accepted only as an electronic design (e.g. as a high-resolution image of jog, PNG types or in PDF form). Drawing the diagram by hand and scanning it is not acceptable.

Assignment 3: Excel submission (5 0%)
Supporting decision-making: from data to information

(This task is based on data from the UK Government’s Office of National Statistics)
This is an open assignment and you can focus on any of the sub themes that are allowed by the data. The only restriction is that you can only use the data set that corresponds to the URL below (no other data set or statistics can be integrated). This does not mean that you cannot use references/bibliography from other sources in order to advance your interpretations – on the contrary. In the XLS submission itself, write a very brief description of what you’ve done (no more than 100-150 words).

Onto the task: You have an important presentation to make to the lead of the Cyber Crime Unit in Humberto Police. You are presenting a sample analysis based on a UK government data set. You can focus on whatever categories you wish. These are all provided in an Excel spreadsheet that is made available on Canvas and the URL is listed below. Your task is to use the data and turn it into information that can be used in decision making by the Cyber Crime Unit.

The original version of the cyber crime data can be found here:

The main worksheet contains all the data. You’re welcome to use as many worksheets as you like however you must label one specifically as “OUTPUT” (where the result of your calculations will be presented). Graphs must also be included in the OUTPUT worksheet.


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