Research paper on strategic marketing plan for HT.

1.Introduction :a very short introduction of HT and the strategic reasons why you chose them.

2.Executive Summary · a summary of the key findings and recommendations (sections 3, 4 and 5)

3.Where we are now · a review of the key PESTLE trends & developments with their impact on the industry, drivers behind them and likelihood they continue in the future and potential impact on your organization · using Porter’s 5 Forces model, a review of the key forces of competition and their potential impact on your organization · using the Lehman & Wigner model, a review of the key competitors (one direct competitor, one potential newcomer and one substitute) and assessment of their future strategy · using the MU and 5Ws & H models, a review of the anticipated key changes in the future consumer behavior · using Wang & Ahmed marketing resources model, a review of the key marketing assets and related marketing capabilities · using Wang & Ahmed marketing resources model, a review of the dynamic marketing capabilities · a review of the lack of marketing assets, marketing capabilities and dynamic marketing capabilities SWOT

4.Where we want to be · a ‘SMART’ description of three strategic marketing objectives · a description of three alternative marketing strategies which aim to achieve the objectives stated and which are based on your analysis under 3 above · the recommended marketing strategy with clear rationale using the Safe assessment · a description of the target segment(s) and related competitive positioning map

5.How we are going to get there · a description of the main (Digital) Marketing Mix initiatives to implement the chosen marketing strategy · a description of how you plan to monitor and track the progress of the implementation of your plan


word limit for sections 3-5 is 2,000 +/- 10%.
All theory chart like swot and pestle can be presented in a chart in Appendices and only say a bit about it in section 3. PESTLE AND SWOT must be included in appendices as a chart.

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