Is the use of social media an addiction?

You are required to produce a research report that enables you to answer the following research question: “Is the use of social media an addiction?”

To complete this report, you must carry out your own research (primary research), as well as researching published sources of information about this subject area.

Your research report must be written using the recommended report format –

Report word limits for each section:
· Title page: Not included
· Terms of Reference: 100
· Contents Page: Not included
· Research Methodology: 150
· Findings: 750
· Conclusion: 300
· Recommendations: 200
· Appendices: Not included
· References list: Not included
· Bibliography: Not included

The report should be a maximum of 1,500 words in length.

Within the report, you will need to:
• Clearly explain the purpose of your report and the research methodology that you intend to use.

• Analyse the findings from your primary research and present the data in appropriate ways so as to support your analysis. If you produce graphs, charts and/or tables, you are advised to add these to an Appendix at the end of your report and refer to these within your text where appropriate.

• Analyse information that you have researched from recognised, published sources. This is referred to as a literature review.

• Compare the analysis from your primary research to the analysis of the literature review, so that you are able to form an analytical argument as to whether or not the use of social media is an addiction. This should result in you being able to analyse alternative points of view and evaluate data in terms of its relevance to the argument.

• Produce conclusions and recommendations that stem from the findings of your report, and that are relevant to issues you have raised.

• Ensure that relevant theory is referenced where appropriate and that a references list and bibliography are provided.

• A copy of your survey, questionnaire and/or interview transcriptions must be included in the appendix.

Assessment Criteria:
AC 11.1: Identify and explain the rationale for a clearly focused area of study
AC 21.1: Analyse information from a wider range of sources
AC 21.2: Work within clearly defined parameters and established terms of reference
AC 21.3: Discuss the theoretical concepts, methodology and principles of enquiry within chosen discipline
AC 31.1: Summarise a relevant and analytical argument
AC 31.2: Analyse alternative points of view.
AC 31.3: Evaluate data in terms of relevance to the argument
AC 41.1: Use a standard form of referencing
AC 41.2: Use a range of terminology and or techniques to present data effectively
AC 51.1: Draw conclusions from the data and present the findings of the study.
AC 51.2: Make recommendations relevant to the issues raised.

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