Motivations and decision making process of French vegans.

The thesis that I have to wright is about vegan (and not vegetarian) consumption in France. I need a 4 pages introduction in which you will talk about the rising of veganism in France and briefly compare it to other European countries (you also can compare it to other countries but I’d rather European), the benefit of such research in this country in particular and how could it help companies to better understand the French market, and most importantly you have to explain why it’s important to understand the decision making process (that make vegans choose one brand over the other) of vegans and try to link it to the French market. As for the remaining requested number of papers, I want a literature review (which is the most important part) in which you will analyze previous scholarly works related to this subject and try to link it to the topic (I will upload a short plan to help you better understand the topic, and an example of a literature review that I liked so you can approximately understand what I want). Notes: Please only talk about the FOOD consumption (agribusiness) side of veganism and try to avoid as much as you can other sides like clothing… And please do not include acknowledgements or a plan in the introduction. Start directly to talk about the topic. Thank you and feel free to contact me at any time if you need more information about the topic. (please fill the whole pages and don’t leave blank spaces)


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