Shortage and Lack of Female Airline Pilots: Business Perspective.

Not that the class is Graphic Communications.
This is is the assignment :

This activity is an introduction to reflection papers and how you can use them to reflect on the process of creating a design project by identifying areas for improvement for a project and process.
You will be choosing a previous assignment from this class, redoing it, and writing about the experience.
A reflection paper is used to capture reactions, feelings and analysis of an experience in a more personal way than in a research essay or formal presentation.

Choose one of your previous assignment submissions from this class
Redesign that assignment
Using the reflection writing format, write 1 page on this experience
Your paper must include the original submission and the redo.

6- Composition Assignment
In this assignment, you will adjust the provided heading, sub-heading, body copy and images into an aesthetic design layout with the same content, 3 times. Use the provided PowerPoint file (that contains all the content) to make each of the 3 versions of the same content.

Open the provided Power Point file
For each slide, adjust the heading, sub-heading, body copy and images to an aesthetic layout
You may change or use any aspect of the design elements and principles to create harmony
Create forms.
Save the file.

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